Love with Music Teacher – based on real love story

My name is Aradhana (changed name). I am in true love with my music teacher . I am sixteen years (Sweet sixteen ) old and studying in a convent school in Bathinda. My father is food inspector and mother is house wife. I have one sister who is elder to me. I had much interest in music. So I told me father that I want to attend coaching classes of music. But my father told me that he would engage a tutor for me for the music classes who would come in our home to teach me. My father introduced me with the Music Teacher who was willing to teach me music at home. After taking coaching classes from him, my interest in the music started developing even more. He taught me music with much affection, love, care and sympathy. I used to ask the questions many time but he ( My Teacher ) never got angry. With in few days, I started liking him (My Teacher ) as he was very handsome. My love to him was true and innocent. When I was in his company in my home that was the best time of my life. I had even taken his phone number and I used to call him even without any purpose.

My parents were not at all aware of it. After some days. I started feeling as if I have fell in love with him. Often I felt that I have become more interested in him than the music classes I had not the knowledge about his family. One day I was waiting for him at the usual timing but he did not come. I felt very upset and thought that what would happen when I would learn everything about music and my music classes would be stopped and that tutor would not come in the home. So I planned that I have to tell about my feelings for him. So the very next day, when he came, I proposed him for friendship without thinking anything. He got upset and told me that he is married and can not do friendship with me. I was surprised to know that he was married. I kept thinking about it for the whole night but my feelings for him did not increase even a little bit after knowing about his marriage. Rather I started feeling jealousy form his wife for having such a nice and handsome husband. When he came the next day, I told him that it does not matter for me if he is married or single and told frankly that I have not respond at all. I got frustrated and went in to the kitchen and drank a glass of water. When I came in the room, he was looking at me and he explained very sympathetically why he could not do friendship with me. I lost control over myself and I planted a kiss on his cheek. My Music Teacher got angry and asked me for behaving properly. After that he got back in to his home. When I called him, he did not pick up my call and even did not come the next day for teaching me. I still love him and my love for him is absolutely true. Please suggest me guys what should I do now.

(If you are reading My Ture love story( you and me ) please forgive me – as you know still i love you , I love you too much , i miss you )