love with sisters husband

Hey Friends.. I am mishu (Changed Name). I Study in class 10th. I have one sister who is eight years elder to me. She is doing job in Govt. Sector and my sister’s husband is an IAS officer. She has married to him just six months back. I belong to middle class family but my sisters in laws are fabulously rich. My problem is the I have liking for my sister’s husband. He is quite young, smart and handsome. I am not sure if he is interested in me or not but sometimes I feel he too likes me as he likes to be in my company whenever he comes in our home. Whenever I see him with my sister, I feel very jealous and I can not see them for long time in    each other company. Sometimes I feel that my sister has got everything what I have always dreamt. My sister is not as beautiful as I am but she is more intelligent than me. My Sisters husband suits more with me than with my sister. I have also dreamt of taking him in my arms. I know that thing such things about him sin, but I don’t have control over myself. Please guys suggest me what I am doing is wrong or  right. What should I do?