Love with wrong person – Very Painful story

It is my true story when I was in hostel and doing B.Tech. My name is upma (changed Name ) and my friend’s name was shreya (Changed Name ). We both were best friends. It was my first day at hostel. We are allotted rooms. I was fearful that with whom girl, I will have room as I was very simple and studious girl. I don’t want some other kind of girl with me as my only focus was on my studies, to complete my studies with good marks and to get job in one of the good companies.

Some girls at hostel make notion for me that I’m an angry girl full of attitude who doesn’t like to talk to anyone, but the fact is. It is my nature to not talk much. I was like reserve kind girl. My only work is to do study and to study hard. I met one girl there named Shreya. We talked each other and I asked her where her room is? She told me about her room. She also asked me about my room she told me to come to her room. She had three seater room and one bed was vacant. She told me to shift to her place. I told ok. I will shift here.

I and she picked up the luggage from my room and asked warden for permission. Were shifted in a room. We talked a lot and cracked many jokes together. She was from Noida and I was from Himachal.

We were spending time together and our third roommate was also there. But our bond was really strong. We used to go canteen together, we went college together and we studied together.

One day I saw shreya with one guy at college. That guy was not good. When she came in room after college. I asked her about that guy.

I asked: – Shreya? Who was that guy?
Shreya replied: – Some one Upma, He was asking for some of my assignment and I gave her. She asked what happened.
I replied: – Shreya , he is not good guy. Don’t talk to him much.
Shreya answered: – haha upma! Don’t worry yar, my cute friend. Nothing like that! She hugged me and told me to go outside. We went outside in a park and then to eat something in canteen.
Next morning we went to college. I was noticing that guy named Punnet always came near to her seat and she was talking to him much.
I told Shreya to go outside the class. She came with me by saying Puneet, hey Puneet I’ll talk to you later on ok?
Puneet with cunning smile: – Ok Shreya, I will wait for you ok. Come back soon.
Shreya answered: – Yeah ok
I tried a lot to make Shreya understand about that guy. But she was not agreeing. She daily talked to her and started talking to him very much, at every time, at full night at phone.

And she was hiding this fact from me. I was very worried about Shreya. That what she was doing?
One day I restricted her to meet him. I told her to choose me or him.

Shreya answered: – You are feeling jealous of me and I will choose Puneet.

I was very sad and had nothing to do more.
One day she went to some disc with him at night.
She told warden that she is going at home but she went to disc.
I called her grandfather at that time and talked to him.
I and his grandfather went to that disc, where she had gone with Puneet.
What we saw there? Puneet was misbehaving with her, and she was trying to save herself.
I and her grandfather reached there. Her grandfather slapped Puneet and scolded him a lot.
Shreya came to me and hug me. She started crying and I kissed her at her forehead.