Memorable time with Friends

My name is Areena (Changed Name )  and recently I cleared MBBS exam. One day I met my college friends.

 They asked:– Hi Areena! How are you?

What are you doing nowadays?

I replied: – I have just filled the MS form so I am preparing for that.

They said: – Wow!! Great you will clear it! We know.

I replied: – You say? How’s going on?

They said: – We all are going on a trip in these holidays. At the end of the exam we are thinking of going around the beautiful places. We will do mountain climbing there. It will have full fun.

I told: – Wow! You guys enjoy a lot.

They said: – Hey! Do You wanna go with us?

I replied: – Will you join me in your team?

They told:- Why not? You are always welcome.


b I will call you today and will confirm you.

My friends Asha, Adern, adelina (Changed Names )and all updated me their contact number.

I went to home and discussed with my Parents.

My Father told:- What you will do there? You have exam of MS. So Prepare it.

Your friends are going on trip because they are not serious in their career.

I answered: – Dad Please don’t say anything to all of them. They are enjoying their life but it does not mean they are not serious for their career.  Enjoy and studies can go together. Even People who enjoys a lot they do well in their life.

My father said: – Do what you like?

I replied: – Papa I’m trying to persuade you and I’m not forcing that I have to go.

He said: – Have you done your reservation or have to do now?

I smiled and said:- Thanks Papa. Love you…

My father said: – Revel the trip!

Next day we went and it was entertaining to have fun with friends in train. We did not have ticket to show so when out turn came we all slept at each other and pretending we are deep sleeping.

Finally we reached at Amritsar. We saw Wagah Border and joined the soldiers. We found the Wagah is situated on the Grand Trunk Road and is just on the border between the India and Pakistan.


After that we went to science city and saw many facts related to science and physics. It was really clearing all theories to see all practicals.  We also watched 3D movie and 3D movie was of snake and it was horrible to watch it. It was like all snakes were coming on us.

We also went to Jallianwala bagh and we saw the traces of bullets by which many innocents were died. We saw whole Jallianwala bagh. I remembered my history that how children, men and women were wounded. Some of them were killed badly. It was Sunday, the day of Baisakhi April 13, 1919. We also found “The Martyrs Well”. It was all painful to see which brought tears in my eyes. A large number of people died in this solitary well to save them from shooting.

I told all this to my Parents and they were happy that I proceeded for the trip.