Memorable time with my sister

My name is Nandini (Changed Name ) . I was living with my sister in Chandigarh. This is my real and nice story. I and My sister enjoyed a lot in Chandigarh. I was working in an IT company and she was working as HR Executive in a good reputed organization. I was free at 4:00 Pm from the office and she got free at 6:30. I came early so I used to prepare dinner and my sister used to bring some fast food to eat. All that moments was very memorable.
One day I was coming from office. I saw a big car stopped in front of me. There was some guy in the car. He talked to me like:-
Hi! I want to know about the way 20 sector? Where is it?
I replied: – This straight running road!
He said: – Thanks! What’s your name? Do you study or working?
I said: – This is not your business and I moved ahead.
He told: – See my Identity card. I’m Captain in Indian army and just want to talk to you. Let me come outside the car.
I told: – I’m studying. (I said lie to him as I was working and not studying)
He asked: – Where?
I answered: – 34 sector.
He said: – May I have your contact number please.
I answered:-No and no need to follow now.
I just came from there.
I talked about this with my sister.
I told: – Di today’s I was coming and you know there was a guy in the big car who stopped in between my path. I told her about all conversation that I had between him.
My di replied: – Do not look here and there when you go to office and come from office to home straight way… OK?
I said: – Haha Di! Ok.
She said: – :- Haha (she copied me) it’s not the matter to laugh. What you would have you doneif he had pull you in the car?
I replied: – Di he was not like that. He was looking decent by his face and also he showed his identity card to me. He was working in Indian army in officer rank. People in army are clear by heart.
She said: – Who told you, they are clear by heart? No need to stop in your path. Just use the straight path.
I replied: – hehe! Di so what? See your sister is so beautiful that cars are stopping in the path. 😛
She said:- Yeah your sister is also beautiful when she go somewhere all cars, bikes, autos. Buses and rickshaws are stopped.
I said: – Really di? But all are stopped? How it’s possible? And you never tell it before that you have big fans?
She told: – Yeah when there are red traffic lights ON only then all stopps.  Hahahaha..
She laughed and I too.
I used to go with my sister at various beautiful places at Chandigarh. Now she got married and I became alone.
Now my routine is only to go to office and to come back at home. No enjoyment and No fun.
Sometimes my sister told me before her marriage to go for a movie but I always refused her. This is the only sad part. I have now. At that time I did not go but I had the opportunity but now I want to go and have no opportunity.