Met My Lost family – painful story

Met My Lost family!

My name is Riya . It is the story when I was in first class. I was living with my mom who is teacher in central school. She is very pious, religious and good lady with great moral values. What I’m and I was due to the reason of my mother only. My mother and father are living separately due to their fight happened in my childhood. The reason was that I have Sister Rita who got injured in truck accident. My mother was driving the car and unfortunately she failed to press the break button. In that accident, my sister got injured and doctors were unable to save her. From that day, my father’s, grandmother started hating to my mother and told her to leave the home. So from that time, I missed my father and every family member’s love, care and concern. I wanted to live with them as it was my dream to live in a big family where I’ll have my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, aunt and uncle. It is really lovely to live with all family members. Now I’m doing MBBS and it is my first year.
What’s the coincidence??… That my cousin, who is my uncle’s son, is studying in the same college with me. His name is Rahul. He is senior to me and saved me from ragging. I said thanks to him. He told me that he has his aunty whose face totally resembles her. He sees his younger sister in me. In this way, we meet daily and talk. In conversations he shared his family pictures with me in which he told me about all. I was surprised when he was talking about his aunty in his relations that she left the home due to some issues happened at home. And we all children missed her a lot. I saw his aunt’s picture and what I saw? She was my mother. I stood up and my eyes had tears. The conversation was like…
Rahul:- what happened, why you started crying?
Riya:- This picture is of my mother.
Rahul:- What? Really… what are you saying???
Riya:- Yeah…
Rahul:- Please let me know where she is??
Riya:- We are living at west Delhi.
Rahul:- With some tears in eyes.. I’m very happy today, that I met with you. I and Ryan missed our younger sister a lot. Please come to home. I want you to meet all, with whole family. You and aunty are missing there.
Riya:- No Brother, We can’t come in this way as they told my mom to leave home and Papa, my grandmother don’t want her to come back.
Rahul:- See Riya.. Me, Ryan and you will plan something so that one time aunt will be meet uncle, May be they could remember some previous memories and accept each other again. We should try to do this.
Riya ;- but how we will do this?
Rahul:- I will talk to my uncle to come to meet me in hostel, I’m missing him very much. You also talked to aunt, to come and to meet you with the same reason.
Riya :- Done
Rahul:- Great
So According to the plan Rahul and me invited them. We were taking food in a canteen where my mom-dad saw each other. They had tears in their eyes as they were meeting met after many years. My dad left the canteen and went outside. Rahul talked to my dad that “I need both together my aunt and uncle”.
Rahul said “Please uncle forget the past that was by nature and not due to aunt’s fault. She was not only your daughter but aunt’s too”.
Rahul introduced me to dad. My dad gave me a hug and started crying. I too felt like crying.
I told my dad to take us “me and my mom” with him. He agreed and we all started living happily.
Now I have my complete family with me.