Mom, I Love U..

Parents are gifted by the god for each and every child. But sometimes children forget the importance and value of parents in the life. When I was small I was very restricted by my mother. She used to scold me at every steps of my life. She even kept noticing me wherever I went, what I was doing, who are my friends and with whom I am talking with. Because of this nature I became very irritable and these restrictions started irritating me a lot.

I started feeling that I am a criminal and my mother has prisoned me because I always do something wrong. One day because of some urgency I came home late and because of some reason I was not able to inform her. As soon as I entered the home she started shouting on me and also scolded me a lot. At that time I felt very angry and fought with her and also packed my bags and left the home.

For a week or two I was with my cousin and staying with her. There when I saw and noticed the environment I felt very upset and pity also and at that time I realized that mother hood is the best hood where one can easily survive and can share anything.

Now after my marriage when I have a girl as a child I realized that the caring and tension of my mother towards me was right because mothers always care for the child and always have the soft corner for their children. Now I regret what I did was totally wrong.