Music is wonderful – english story

Music is wonderful!

I am Aman (Changed name) . This is the time I came for job to Sikkim in one of the Top universities. I got appointment letter from many of the best universities. But I wanted to get job in this university. University director named pankaj (Changed Name ) knew that I had already three offer letters from some universities, but still I had not joined any.
I wanted to join that university as the music teacher. My conversation with university director is like:-

Aman :- Good morning Sir.
Director Sir:- Good morning Aman.
Aman do you know that university has no rules to arrange music classes for the students.
Many people told me not to try for this job as I would be provided not provide any job in music. Their rules and regulations were very strict. But I like to accept challenges and difficulties. I wanted to come and try for this job.
Director: – How did you know that you will get this job?
Aman: – Because I know sir you also like to accept challenges.
Director: – Stands up from the chair! And told if students would not have interest in music then what?
Aman:- (with smile). Sir I have no much luggage with me to back from here.
Director: – I like your confidence Mr. Aman
Ok I will give you the chance to show yourself.
Aman:- Thanks sir
Director: – All the best Aman.
The conversation was over and director Pankaj left the place.
Now I came at the university corridor. I arranged some chairs and started to play guitar. Students were coming outside from their classes. They listened and attracted towards the music played by the guitar.
All sat on the chairs and all chairs were occupied one by one.
I just asked everybody and knew their responses about the music.
Some of the students fell into a deep thinking. By looking at them, I asked where they are, they told that they remembered something related to music. I asked them what?
They answered about their love. I told them just propose that one without worrying that what would their answer be yes or no. Like playing the guitar without thinking how you play?
Everybody started enjoying the music and every student played guitar after the academic classes.
It entertained them and kept them fresh. What the change was? Students increased their capability to gain much in studies and did well in exams.
One day I had meeting with university director. Our talks were like:-
Director: – Aman I saw your performance, many students entered into music in a single day. I really appreciate it
Aman: – Sir Music is beautiful and wonderful. Everybody wants to enjoy it. From children’s to youngsters! From youngsters to old people!
Director: – But remember Aman never forget the university rules and regulations. Study will be the first and priority always.
Aman: – Yeah sir, I know this very well.
Director: – Good Aman. Do your best.
I’m very happy that students are doing well in studies too. I have no problem with music if it increases the student performance in education. I will be happy.
Aman:- Thank you sir.
It was the day when students were participating in studies as well as in music.
I got the offer letter from the university. I was very happy because I achieved my aim.

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