My face book love story – success in love

Hi I am neeraj (changed name). Today I wish to share my true love story with you my friends, and hope u will like my story and comments on my story will make to feel happy. So please readers do not forget to send our comments because your every comment will be like precious blessing on my love. Now my story starts like this. One day a girl started liking me on face book. From her profile picture she was very smart. I did not want to lose her and at any cost and wanted to keep in contact with her but was afraid to propose her because I had fear that she could deny my offer as she does not know much about me. So I always desired that she should take such a step by which it should be clear to me that she is love in me. But I had not patience to wait for that.

One day, she sends a message on my mobile (FB) asking about my condition as I was not well that day. I replied her by saying that I am all well. Then she messaged me for from which she was showing too much concern to me. This was how our likeness started toward each other. After that we started toward each other. After that we started sending messages to each other daily. Most of the time I used to spend thinking about her in office. I wanted to know about her expectations from the guy for marriage but I had not courage to ask her about this all straightway. So I thought that before I could ask her like this, there should be great understanding between them but it needed time so I started waiting till that time arrives. But before that she herself started talking about my expectations from the girl for marriage. I told her everything about my family status and me. In this way, by face book we had come very close to each other and then the day came when I openly told her that I want to marry her because I did not want to waste much time in these tasks as my parents were finding suitable match for me. She agreed to it at once because she already had immense desire to marry me. After that I discussed about it with my parents and she with her parents and by God’s blessing our marriage took place finally although there were some interruptions also at times. Now I am living happily wife my wife (khushi) and we have a baby girl also.