my First Love story

My name is Mack (Changed Name ) . This is my real love story . I was in affair with girl. Her name was Marcy (changed name ) . It was always good to talk to her and to spend time with her. She was so naughty in behavior. I liked her way to talk, to debate and the way to argue. Whenever she came in front of me, I had a smile on my face. I felt happy to talk to her.

My Parents were looking out for a girl for me for marriage. My mother knew Marcy and also liked her for me. But my dad chose the girl who was his friend’s daughter. The name of the girl they chose was Ria.

Dad told me about her.

I answered nothing and told: – I will discuss it later on. Now I’m getting late for the office.

My mother knew that I like Marcy. So my mother told my father about Marcy.

We all came for dinner.

My dad and mom were speaking about my marriage.

They had discussion like:-

My father told: – Ria is good girl and can be the perfect daughter in law for this home. She is sweet and good looking.

My mother told: – Marcy is also a nice girl and have many qualities in her. She is very intelligent and talented girl.

They were opposing each other.

I was looking to both my Mom- Dad.

And told them: – Please do not combat on this matter.

I do not want to marry with any girl.

I left the food and came in my room.

My mother came to my room and asked me about the girl to whom I want to marry.

I said: – No mom, I do not want! I want to sleep now. You take care mom and good night!

I went to sleep and I noticed Marcy’s call. I did not pick up. But after some time I thought what’s marcy’s mistake in this? Why I’m not talking to her. So I called her back and talked to her.

She asked me for dinner.

I said: – Yeah I did.

She replied: – Do not lie. Go and take dinner.

She always knew me and understood me with my voice. Even I tried to talk so that she will not understand.  But she always perceived.

She told: – See if you will not take food, I will also not.

I said ok: – I’m taking.

I did dinner and slept after talking to her.

Next day my father went to Mercy to tell her to marry me.

He told her: – Can you do one thing for my family?

She replied: – Yes! I can do anything for your family and its respect. Tell me?

When he listened her answer he said nothing to her. He thought that’s why Rima (My mom) always appreciates you.

He went from there.

Now it was difficult to take decision to choose the girl for me. As my father had a family relation with Ria’s family so could n’t refuse them for marriage.

Also he had seen the qualities in Marcy and was not able to tell her to refuse for the marriage as Marcy liked me and I too liked her.