My first True Love – Happily ended

My name is Tanvi (Changed Name ) . I am from a village near Ludhiana. I study in a government college there. Four years back I started liking a boy of my class when I was in B.Com Final year. He too was interested in me. In the beginning, I was of the view that he is after my friend because she was very smart and had great liking for that guy and I was uninterested in him. One day, I and my friend were moving in the college and that guy came to us. I was of the view that he is going to propose Roma (my friend) but he proposed me. But I said ‘no’ to him because I did not want to break Roma’s heart by accept the offer of the guy in whom she was interested after I said ‘no’ to him Roma asked me the reason of saying ‘no’ I made here clear that I could not do friendship with him because she likes him.

But she told me that although she likes him but his interest lies in me and she advised me for saying ‘yes’ to him if he proposed for the second time. After that there were our winter breaks and after the winter breaks when he came in the college, he was totally changed. He did not show any interest to me. But now the feelings of love had taken place in my heart and I wanted him to propose me. One day, he was looking very smart. As he came out of the gate of the college after the college, I and Roma started following him. He came to know that we are following him. So, he stopped his bike after going at a distance asked me why do you follow me if you do not like me. I kept silent but Roma broke the silence by saying that she is interest in you.

I was feeling very nervous as prior to it I had never followed any boy and experienced any sort of feelings for him. He got extremely happy and asked me the reason of saying ‘no’ to him but again I kept silent. Roma answered that she did not say ‘yes’ to him in the beginning because she wanted to check how intense his love is for her. After that we exchanged phone number with each other and went in to near by restaurant for knowing about each other. We took coffee over there. He discussed about his family with me. He wanted to know about my family also. So I shared everything related to myself with him. We came very close to each other after our first meeting. I had never thought that I would start liking a guy with such intensity.

After that we started calling each other daily. After four months of our friendship there were our final exams. He told me that he does not want to continue his study after graduation and want to join his father’s business. In the same way he did after graduation and he joined his father’s business. We were still in friendship with each other. Although we were not able to meet each other daily but our feelings of love had not changed even a little bit. After my post graduation my parents started finding a suitable guy for my marriage as I was eldest in the family. When I told about it to him, he himself came with his father to our home for discussing about. Our marriage. As He was from very rich family, my parents got ready for the marriage although his caste was different than us. After that we got married and I feel myself lucky as my first love ended happily with marriage.