my great brother – his true love story

Hi! My name is Pragya (Changed Name ) . I’m living with my Mom, dad and brother. There was my birthday party. I had many friends who came in this party. We had good DJ system to celebrate the party and we arranged a great show at our home. We enjoyed a lot. We clicked many pictures with friends. That was the party I celebrated much. Party was finished. I came to my room and my brother came in my room. My brother’s name is Pranav (Changed Name ).
He asked me:- Pragya, Today’s party was really amazing, I enjoyed it too much.
I said: – Yes bro. It was.
He said: – Pragya… Actually I want to know something from you.
I told: – Yes bro, tell me.
He replied: – hmm… Who was that girl, in sky blue top?
I answered: – What? And I smiled. What you said?
Say again bro?
He felt shy and told: – Yeah, I’am asking about that girl.
I replied: – Haha. Are you ok?
She is my friend Jayta.
He told: – She was looking so cute, I really liked her.
Please do a favor for me. Tell her to talk to me once.
Please Pragya, if you are my sweet sis then
I told:-haha. Ok ok bro. Listen. You know that Pradeep, he is going towed in the coming week and she is also coming in that function.
He told: – Really? Thanks. My great sis.
Thank you so much. He was very excited.
The function came, he met Jayta. He talked to her. In marriage party we all friends were together. Jayta was also with us. He tried to talk to her. She talked .They had a little talk in function.
We came to home. And my brother told me:– Pragya, I’am very happy today, she has become my friend.
I said: – Congrats my bro.
Next day he was coming from college, he saw jayta going somewhere. He followed her to meet her.
He reached to her; Jayta was going in some disco party.
He talked to her. My brother took a flower bouquet with him. He took a card with him also.
He went to jayta and told: – “What a new look jayta , you are looking too beautiful” .
He gave her flowers and bent his knees. He proposed her.
At the same time some other guy came there.
He told jayta: – Let’s go.
Jayta told him please wait. You go, I’am coming.
My brother asked her, who is he?
She answered: – He is my boy friend.
My brother was shocked as he already asked in previous party regarding her relationship status and she did not talked about him.
My brother came outside and said nothing.
At morning what Jayta saw, my brother was sitting on the same seat outside the disco.
She came to him. And told “Iam sorry”.
My brother (Pranav) answered: – Sorry for what?
Jayta:- She cried.
Pranav:-Why are you crying?
Jayta:- Pranav, I should cry as the good life partner like you is not in my luck.
Pranav: – what? You don’t love your boy friend?
Jayta:- Yes pranav he is my boy friend, but for this night only.
Pranav gets shocked, when she said this.
Then Jayta told: – I’am doing this because of the financial problem at my home. This is my business to be the girl friend of boys and go with them in parties. But I did not do anything wrong. To love you, to marry you is not in my luck.
My brother told her: – Promise me you will leave this work from today, not from today but from now.
You will not do this.
She cried a lot and hugged my brother.
Pranav accepted her as she was.