My husband – best in world

My name is shreya (changed name)  . I have completed my M.B.A. from Punjabi University. I got good marks in it and got offers from many multinational companies. I got selected in one company near Bathinda. I was very happy when I got call letter from that company. My mom got me up at 5’o clock in the morning on that day and I got ready for going to my duty. I went in to the office at right time. My boss introduced me with other employees of the company. I was told the work which was assigned to me. My boss and other employees attitude to me was very cordial.


I met a guy over there who was in the same department where I was appointed. He guided me fully for the work which was assigned to me. He was very co – operative. As I was fresher I always needed his support and guidance in doing every work. He never say ‘no’ while helping me. Now two years have passed since I join that company. My salary has been increased over there by seeing my caliber and efficiency with the passage of time, I started liking that guy who always helped me doing every task which was assigned to me by my boss. Fortunately, that guy was of my caste and he too started liking me.


Actually, he had liking in his heart for me since the first day I joined that company. As we were of marriageable age, he proposed me for the marriage. And I accepted his proposal without delay because I too had strong feelings of love in my heart for him I told him the address of my home so that his family could come in my home and talk about my marriage with their son. I too had disclosed this matter to my family about my relationship with that guy. They did not have any problem regarding my marriage with that guy rather they were happy because that guy had same qualification as me and was doing job in the same company where I was doing. Moreover his family too was very supportive and well educated. My parents and his parents got ready for our marriage . Now I am married and living happily with my husband.