My loving Aunt-uncle

My loving Aunt-uncle!

This is my true and real story where some sorrows surround me from all directions. My name is Garima (Changed Name) and I was born on 25 august 1989. My Mom- Dad both are working, I was third child in my home where nobody had time to take care of me. So my parents left me in my home town where my grandmother-grandfather stays. My uncle and aunt were also living there. They loved me more than their real children. I got attached with them too much that I don’t wanted to go anywhere without them. Even I didn’t like my home to go; if my parents come to hometown then I didn’t like to meet them.
That was the time when I was 3 years old and it was the time to get me admitted me in school. My Parents came and wanted to take me with them. I was like…I don’t want to go and please don’t let me go. My aunt and uncle also started crying with me. But due to studies I came from there and I missed them a lot every time. It was very difficult to live without them. I’m girl so I didn’t get much love from my real mother. She made me so strong by assigning kitchen work, studies assignments and many more tasks. In all these, studies is important to do. So my grandfather decided for me that I have to stay with my real Mom- Dad.
As time passed, I passed all classes with good marks. Now it is the time where I have to go to abroad to become professionally qualified. I chose MBBS to do. At that time I missed my aunt-uncle a lot. My real mother is same; she is watching that I’m too attached with my aunt uncle so she doesn’t allow me to meet them. I always cried and missed them a lot.
One day in college I got the news that my aunt has been expired. That day was like… unexplainable to write!
I wanted permission from my mother to see them at last. She didn’t allow me but my elder sister Isha helped me and told mom to permit me to go.
I went there and had a last look at my aunt. It was unbelievable for me to trust but I have to… as it was the truth.
After some days, I came back to college and with time started studies. I got normal and concentrated on exams. I studied hard and passed the MBBS with scholarship.
I came back home after completing studies. My dad was very happy that I completed my degree with good percentage. My mother also made many dishes for me. But still at that time I was missing my aunt uncle as they were everything for me. Now I have become a successful Doctor. I told thanks to my mother, father and grandfather as I had no interest in studies. My educated life is due to my mother’s strictness and emotionally I got support from my aunt- uncle.
At last I say thanks to all of my family members to make me perfect in all ways.

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