MY Loving Jija ji – untold love story

My name is Sonia (Changed Name ). I am from Jharkhand. I am of twenty one years old. I am studying in graduation. My father works in a company and mother is a house wife. My brother is studying in Tenth class and I have a sister who is married.

Five years ago my sister’s marriage took place. My sister is extremely beautiful but my jeeja ji is not so smart. When their marriage took place she was just eighteen years old and my jeeja ji’s age was thirty two years. All of us had great regard for jeeja ji as he was the eldest son – in – law of the family. Whenever my family had to do something, we always took advice of our jeeja ji. Even for my admission in the college, my parents always consulted with jeeja ji and what ever he told was everything for my family as we were of the view that he could never be wrong as we had great trust in me and even now. My jeeja ji never resisted my sister for coming in her home rather, he himself always showed immense in our family. My family and his family had good relations with each other and even now. My sister and jeeja ji often used to come in our home.

One day, I felt I have started liking him as I was totally dependent on him for buying anything or taking decision regarding anything related to my life. My jeeja ji always gave same regard and love to my parents as he used to his own parents. So I had too showed too much respect for me. When I grew young, my feelings of respect for him, changed in to love. I always liked to talk with him. I started calling my jeeja ji without any purpose and even wanted them to visit the home. He never said ‘no’ to what ever I told him as he liked me much. I am sure that my jija ji was and is hundred percent loyal to my sister and he can do everything for her. The qualities which I notice in my jeeja ji want that should be in my life partner also. I like everything in him. Sometimes, I think no other; guy of the world could be like him as he has immense qualities. I feel that my sister is very lucky because of having such type of husband and sometime I feel jealous from her even.

Although I am deeply in love with my jeeja ji but I would never express my feelings to him. I would like to keep my feelings up to myself only because I can not think any thing badly for my sister. I love my sister much so I rather I would like to see them always united because sometimes love mean sacrifice also because it is not necessary that to whom we love he/she should love us also. My love has taught me many things. It is fully spiritual and for me love is just sacrifice because such is written in my fate.