Love? Um, what’s that? I always thought that we are too young to understand it and to exhibit it…until I met a guy! :*

I still believe that love is something which can never be fully understood but presence of that guy in my life has helped me understand a bit at least! ❤

I didn’t know that a 17 year old boy could be such a such a biggggg reservoir of love! Using ‘cloud’ as a metaphor, I’ll describe him as being a cloud, a dark water (love) filled cloud who was just floating in the air looking for that perfect place where it could release its water(love)! A place which would actually appreciate his rain and would give it back through the cycle of evaporation and condensation. ❤

Well, he tried at some places but maybe they weren’t the one his destiny wanted him to be at. So he met, um, ME. I was unaware that whom I thought to be just another cloud was actually the one who had the potential to shower magical drops so much intensely that I would be astounded beyond my senses! ❤

We know that after quenching the thirst of the parched earth with rain, the cloud, with the help of the sky, goes on to show a heart delighting colorful rainbow which makes the earth smile and forget all its sorrows!

Similarly, this beautiful friend of mine has not only showered me with love when I was parched and dry and broken, but he also went further to add pretty colors to my life!

Meeting him made me realise how much, how much love a human being can actually have for his friend! Ahh! Realisation! ❤

Because he showed me a paradise where only love prevails – unconditional, devotional, loyal love blooming inside the hearts of 2 innocent people who have completely surrendered to the other one! ❤
A place where people drown to float! ❤
Where they love to love!❤
Where they quarrel to love even more! ❤
Where they rise and grow! ❤
Where they keep other one above themselves! ❤

And finally, where just one glance at the other one makes you want to freeze and capture the moment forever! ❤

Honestly,he has completely drenched me in his love which he keeps showering on me every now and then just like a cloud which keeps on drizzling! He is an eternal source of love. ❤

I would still say that though I’ve learned a lot about this 4 letter word from him yet there is a lotttt to explore. ❤

I just know that I can never ever make him upset even a bit. I can do anything to get back that heart delighting smile back to his face whenever its lost. I want to take care of him whenever he is unable to do so. And I want to be a constant support to him amidst everything he faces! Now this is love, friendship, concern or what, let him decide. ❤

I just know that I’m completely loyal to that one person who now comes before anyone else (bae) in my priority list. ❤

So through this story, I wanted to express my gratitude for him at this platform and to tell that GUY what I feel for him and now I want a BIGGGG SMILE ON HIS FACE.❤

By the way, if you are wondering who that lovely person is, let me tell you he is my BEST FRIEND, MY COMPANION, MY SUPPORT,MY TREASURE FOR LIFE! ❤ MY COURAGE ❤

#WeAreLoversWithoutALabel 🙂