my mom and dad

My name is Riya. I am studying in B.A 3rd year. My parents divorced before 10 years. I am living with my father and my sister is living with my mother. We are two sisters only. Some clashes occurred between my mom and dad due to those clashes they got separated. I am living without my mom. There are many things which I can not share with my father. I need my mom’s support in all those matters. I know where do they live. I sometimes meet my sister in her college although my father refuses me to meet her and my mother. My grand mother often rebukes my mother without any reason although she does not live with her now. My father loves me a lot but he does not want me talk about my sister and mother but I can never forget them. Sometimes I go in my mother’s house to meet her & my sister. Both of them loves me a lot. They do not want me to depart when over I go in their home to meet them. They often see off me with watery eyes. I often think what should I do for uniting my mom and dad. I do not know what happened between them that they got divorced. Now my grand mother want my father to get marry with some another lady. But he does not want to do so. I even do not want that my father should marry to some another lady. My mother loves my father& me even after divorce. But she is too helpless. Suggest me what should I do to unite my family.

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