My Real painful Love Story

My name is Pooja (Changed Name). Here I am shearing my college life with yours. It was the story of time when I was doing my B-Tech. We had lot of friends and we had good friend circle. We enjoyed many parties together like fresher’s party, farewell function, Baisakhi Fair and many more.

One day it was our farewell party at the college. Our last semester was running. We all attended the farewell function and just enjoying the function. We sat with the friends, suddenly a guy names Pardeep (Changed Name ) came around our table and started shouting like Pooja. “I like you……….. I love you…” He had drink and was behaving so badly. I got uncomfortable with Pardeep’s non-sense behavior. I stood and was about to leave but Pardeep stopped my way and came in my path

Pinky (Changed Name ) told: – “How stupid he is?”

Pardeep shouted on Pinky and told hey who are you to say in between us? He used bad words to Pinky. Pinky felt so insulted in front of all classmates. She did it only to save me from him and said against Pardeep. I told her let us go from here. He will not stop manner-less talks. He spoiled our function. I was saying to Pinky to say nothing as boys like him has no sense and to talk to them is the wastage of time. Better so is to ignore them and never response them.

She said:- Try to understand. If now we say something then Pardeep would have created more trouble for you and for all of us. So it’s better to change the seat or to leave the party.

Till then I told: – Please stop it and move from here.

Than we both leave that place. Actually Pardeep was my boy friend and nobody knows about this fact and we don’t want to disclose this fact with others. That day Pardeep reacts like this because he was not happy with my last night behavior.

Next day I send message to Pardeep why you do like this. He feel guilty about his behaviors. But I was too depressed with Pardeep’s behaviors. I want to leave relationship with Pardeep. But Pardeep want to continue relations with me. But finally I take decision to leave him.

Now we both separated from each other. Only after three days passed, I re-join the classes and I was shocked really shocked to see a scene in college class. There was nobody in the class except Pinky and Pardeep. Both were busy to kiss very deeply each other. They were very much involved in this dirty manner. I came near to them and I slapped on Pardeep face. This slap breaks their kiss and now they both were shocked to see me. Again I slap on Pardeep face. Pinky came in way of us to save Pardeep.

I was ery much depressed that time. I slapped on pinky face for three times. After that I never spoke with Pinky and Pardeep. Next day both feel sorry. But I was completely changed after viewing this kiss scene.

I will never forget this kiss scene in my life. This scene changed my life completely.