my true love – english story

My name is n…. I live in Faridabad. My father is a prosperous businessman. I am the single child of my family. I love a boy who is a reporter in our area. He does not belong to the high status of society. I often go in his home. His mother is suffering from a disease. I often help him financially for the treatment of his mother as it needs much money for her treatment. We can not live without each other. But I know that my parents would never agree to marry with that guy. I often express him my desire of running away from here with him for getting married but he never agrees. He says that one day he too would become a rich man and demand my hand from my father.

But my parents want to marry me as early as possible with the boy of their choice. One day, they called the family of a boy to meet me for the purpose of marriage. But I did not behave with them properly as I was not interested in the marriage with some another guy. When they left the place, my parents asked me why did you behaved awkwardly with them. At that time I could not resist myself and I told them that I like a boy and I want to marry with him. They expressed their wish to meet with that guy. When he came, my father asked him about his occupation & other property to his credit. When he told about his occupation & no property on his credit, he ( my father) started insulted him. He went out of the home & never meet me after that incident.

Now my parents want me to get marry with the boy of their choice. But I could not because is love some another guy. I could never submit my self whole heartedly to my husband. Suggest me the best possible way which could help me to get rid of this situation

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