My wrong assumption

I was a student of class 12th that time. I and my friends group was so naughty. We always tried to make tricky plans and tease other students. It became our habit to disturb other students while studying.

But in that naughtiness I made a biggest mistake. I and my friend group made a plan to afraid a student of class 3 by closing alone in the dark room in the school.

When the school closing bell rang we executed our plan. I thought that someone will came after and help him. We went away from there. Next day when we came to school what we see was horrible. That child was dead and his parents had left their hope. There was no mistake of that child. He was innocent. His parents were crying and trying to make their child to get up.

I realized my mistake and surrender in front of all. I was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for this. Today I’m free from my sentence and now I work for the betterment of the society. I repent for what I did. I wish I could save that child. I wish my assumption that someone will open the door was right.

So my friends donot make wrong assumption in your life. It may be dangerous to someone.