Never impose your wishes to your Relations

I was studying in 10th class and I passed in 1st rank.  It was the time when I had to choose medical, non medical or arts subjects. My father wanted me to get medical and become doctor and my mother wanted me to get non medical and to become an Engineer. I told my Parents ok I will take both medical and non medical. But my father wanted to take only one so that I can score good marks in any one. They left the decision on me. I was thinking what I should take as if I get the medical then mom will get disappointed and if I take non-med then my dad. So I discussed with mom dad. They told me that they are satisfied I can keep the subject in which I’m interested so I chose non- medical.  My problem got solved but my friend was there named Ritika (Changed Name ) who was facing same problem to choose the subjects. Her mom- dad wanted her to take non-medical but she wanted to opt for arts subject. She was confused in choosing the subject. She also discussed with me about this problem. I told her to choose what she wants. But she forcibly selected non medical stream for her.

Our classes has been started she wanted to bunk classes as she had no interest in science. But she tried to understand and to studied hard.

There was our final exam and our seat was together. I showed my paper to her but the examiner was noticing us.

Examiner came to me and told: – Jaya (Myself – changed Name  ) what you are doing?

I replied: – Nothing Sir, Her question paper was misprinted so I was matching her question paper to mine.

Examiner told my friend Isha (Changed Name ) : – If you are finding problem then tell us, we will change your paper.

Now are you getting any problem?

Isha answered: – no sir. It is ok now.

Examiner went and we took the sigh of relief.

Exam was finished and we talked like:-

I said: – How was your exam? Sorry yar I could not tell you properly.

She replied: – It’s ok. I know examiner was there.

I replied: – Hope for the best!

Result was declared and we all found our result.  We all were happy with the result. I saw isha was crying in a corner.

I asked: – What happened?

She showed me her report card. It was not good.

I told her to talk to her Parents again if you are not willing to take non-medical.

She went to home and talked to her parents.

She said: – Dad I want to quit non-med.

Her dad replied: – What? One year has been spent? What my friends will say? My daughter was not able to clear non-med. What will be about my reputation?

She said: – Dad they will not come in my sorrows to support me.

Her dad said: – Please don’t make filmy dialogues.

She said nothing and came to her room.

Next-day she attended the same non-medical class in the same standard.

I was noticing her daily. She didn’t talk much and one day I listened about her then she underwent depression. Her Parents admitted her in a hospital and she is taking regular medicines.