obstacles in love

My name is Jatin (Changed Name). I am studying in B.SC 3rd year. My sister got married six months ago. Her husband is a lawyer. One day my mom sent me in her home to meet her. My jeeja ji were not at home at that time. I talked a lot with my sister. She was looking very happy. She had a sister-in-law also who had gone in the college. When she came she introduced me to her although I had met her earlier also. Then my sister went in to the kitchen to cook food for all of us. Her sister-in-law started talking to me. She was looking extremely beautiful. She talked about my sister and told me that she is really lucky to have such a bhabhi. Then we became formal. She served me the food. I stayed in their home for two days. When I started getting ready for coming back to my home she came near to me. Her eyes were watery. She told me that she loves me a lot. I was completely stunned. I had never expected this from her. I did not answer her anything regarding it. She told me to not to discuss this with anyone. I went back to my home.she started calling me. Hardly any day spends when she does not call me . we talk for hours with each other.

My sister came in our home to meet the family during vacations. She insisted her that she too wants to go with her. Actually she had come in our ( her sister in law) home just to meet me. She was feeling very happy in our home. My sister and my mother planned for going in to the market for shopping. They asker her also to join them for shopping. She told them that she does not want to go out now as she is not feeling well & want to rest for sometime. Actually she desired to talk to me in their absence. They went out for the market. Now she and I were alone in the home. She felt very happy as she was alone to talk to me freely. She kissed me on my left cheek. She talked to me whole heartedly. Then she hugged me. I had complete control on myself as I know what would happen if my sister’s husband come to know about this all. But I too was deeply in love with her. My liking for her had changed in to love in no time. After that she asked me for having the bodily relations with each other. But I refused. She insisted me again and again. But I told her that this is not good for both of the families but she did not agree to my advice. She stopped talking to me started getting ready for going back to home. I got up and tried to convince her. She was crying. I consoled her for some time. Now she was too close to me. I lost control over myself. I started kissing her & was successful in having physical relations with her. Then the door bell rang. I thought there might be my sister mother at the door. I hurriedly put on my clothes and opened the door she kept on sleeping. After reaching home my sister & mother inquired about her health she told that she is feeling better than before. They showed her the suites and tops which they had brought for her. She was very happy to see them.

After two years they went back to their home. After a week she told me that she is having a baby in her womb. I was shocked to know it. I was fully nervous what would happen my mother sister and jeeja ji come to know about it. I told her to abort the baby. But she did not agree to it. Now she is pressing me again & again for running away to some another place for getting married as our parents would never allow us for getting married. Suggest me what should I do to save the both homes.

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