One Night With Beautiful Girl

My name is chetan (Changed Name ). Here I am sharing my One night with beautiful girl experience with you . I am from ropar. I am of twenty one years old. My father is an engineer and mother is a house wife from the very beginning of my life I had sweet corner for girls as I had not any sister. I had too much dignity in my heart for the girls. I always desired of doing friendship with a beautiful girl. I am in the habit of day dreaming. I often dream about having friendship with some beautiful girl. But often feel what would happen if a girl to whom I do friendship and love whole heartedly betray me. That is why I never ventured of proposing any of the girl. There is a beautiful girl in my colony. She looks to me extremely beautiful I often think of doing friendship with her but lacks courage to propose her.

One day I was going to my tuition class on bike. When I was coming back to my home, I met with an accident. My parents reached on the spot and took me in the hospitals. I was in very bad condition. My clothes were smeared with blood. I was feeling myself misfortunate as on coming morning there was my exam and I was not able to even move from my place. When I was in the hospital I saw that beautiful girl about whom I often thought about having friendship. The moment I saw her my heart started beating fast. This had never happened in the whole of my life. At that time I felt as if I am in love with her. Actually the room in which I was admitted was shared by four patients. Two of the patients were relieved as they had got well and now only two patients were there one was I and second was that beautiful girl’s grand father. Her name was Sonia (changed Name ) she stayed there in the hospital all throughout the night with her grandfather. At about nine. A.M. her grandfather was taken in to the operation room and for many other physical examinations. Now she was all alone with me. That room where I was lying on the bed as a patient.

I was not able to sleep even for a single moment because of two reasons First my whole body was aching and second because that girl was standing beside me to whom I was in love deeply. At that time her presence was giving me soothe although my whole body was aching. She asked me about my injuries. I narrated the whole incident to her. She was a little bit feeling shy as she was all alone with me in the room. But I told her frankly that there is nothing to worry about and can sleep without any problem but she did not agree and kept awaking whole throughout the night. It was really very enjoy full night of me which I spend with the girl to whom I regarded a lot. Whenever I got the chance I did not hesitate of looking at her as her presence in the room was giving me relaxation more than anything. At that time I thought for hundred times of proposing her. But every time I left the idea. I felt how would she feel if I propose her at this time ( as I was lying on bed and she was worrying about her grand father) really that night was remarkable for me and I can not forget that throughout the whole of my life.