One Sided Love – true love story

My name is Aneesh (Changed Name). I am studying in B.Com second year. I love a girl of my college. She is in B.A. second year year. I have too much affection in my heart for her. But she does not pay even a little bit attention to me. I daily follow her. She goes to college at 10. A.M and my first lecture start at 9:20. I often miss my first lecture in wait of her. On valentine day, I bought many things for her and gave those things to her friend to hand over these to girl to whom I like. But she did not accept those gifts. I have done many attempts to pass my phone number to her. Sometimes, I think she is afraid of her family. That is why she does not want to get involved with any boy for friendship or love. But on the same time, I feel that she could have friendship with some other boy also. That is why she does not want to accept my proposal. Sometimes, I think she does not like me that is why she is rejecting my proposal as I am not so smart and intelligent. My friends often say me to leave thinking about that girl and make friendship with some other girl. But I do not want to befriend with any girl of the world. I always keep on thinking about her. There is nothing in my heart for any other girl of my college. Sometimes I think she is stone hearted girl and do not have feelings. I even pray to God for creating feelings in her heart for me. I have proposed her for two times but every time her answer was ‘no’.


As she did not pay any attention to me, I wrote a diary in which I depicted my feelings and handed over that diary to her friend so that girl could read that. When her friend handed over that diary to her. She cried a lot and told that I can not make friendship with him. I do not want to tell ‘why’ or what is the reason behind it. Her friend passed that information to me and told that there is something going on in her mind which she does not want to disclose. Her face always come before my eyes whenever I close my eyes to relax. Her innocent face creates love in my heart for her. I am not able to make friendship with some other girl. Suggest me what should I do.