pain of love

Pain of love

Hello friends my name is surya (changed name) One year ago I started liking a girl who was studding in my college. Now I have completed my graduation and is doing business. Whenever I saw her, I automatically started felling as if as there is something in her which is drawing me towards her and I always lost my control over myself on seeing her. Actually I started liking her because if the innocence on her face. She was not like other girls who are ultra modern and clever. Although she was simple but she always looked me beautiful .One day I proposed her for friendship at that time she did not say me ‘no’ but said that she would think over it. After that when I proposed her again she said me ‘no’. I do not know why did she say ‘no’ to me but this thing is sure that she had feelings for me although I have left college and she too I think has left but I am not able to forget her. I am not able to think about some other girl leaving her but I do not have courage to find about her living place and making contact with her so that I could come to know If she is interested in me because I have fear that her answer again would be ‘no’ . Please guys! Suggest me what to do as I am still in love with her.