Papa I love you

My name is Irene (Changed Name ) . I really love my father(Papa ) . I am from Chandigarh. My father is an I.A.S officer and my mother left me when I was just six months old. I often miss my mother. From the pictures of mom I often come to know that my mother was extremely beautiful. After the death of my mother, my father gave me the love of both mother and father.

He did not get marry just because of me. He was of the view that if he get marry then his would be wife would treat me as step daughter and that he was not able to tolerate at any cost. Truly my father did a lot for me. He is my friend, guide and true well wishes I have got the love of my mother, brother, sister only from my dad as he was all alone with me. I do not remember if he had spent even a small amount of time in home without me. Even for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner my father prepared the things which I like the most ignoring his own wishes. He tried to fulfill every demand of mine. Every day I desired that whenever I get up in the morning, my father should be there so that I could see his face. I had prediction that whenever I see my Papa’s face in the morning, my day spends very well. He was always the prime factor behind my success. Had my father not given me this much love I would not have been able to get this much success in my life. After doing senior secondary, I passed Pre medical Examination and took admission in M.B.B.S.
Few months back, a boy came in to my life from his appearance and actions I often guessed that he is truly devoted toward me. My father often advised me for not paying attention to unnecessary things linked to life i.e. Love and always concentrate on studies. But this was that span of my life in which I lose my control over myself and started him understanding as my well wisher. His family status was lower than our family. But it did not matter me much as I was fully devoted to him. One day, I told about my this very friend to my father my father listened about him attentively but he stopped for going near that boy and told me that he would never get ready to let her marry with that guy as his family standard is nothing before our family standard and told that I would never be able to adjust in that family if I get marry with that guy.

But I was in deep love with that guy. I stopped talking to my dad. This was the only period of my life when I had seen my father in such an angry appearance. After some days I fell ill. I was admitted in the hospital. My father took care of me in everything. As it was very critical period of my life so my father consoled me a lot. From one doctor, I came to know that I had symptoms of alzheimer’s disease. This was that period of my life which was very burdensome and. I realized that with in few months I am going to leave this world forever. When I told about it my boy friend he started suspecting me and left me on the spot and told me that he has not trust in me.

I wept a lot after coming in the home. My father consoled me after four days of this incident my father told me that you are not suffering from alzheimer’s disease and I myself had told the doctor to make the fake report. It did this just because of knowing the intensity of love that boy experience for you and now you yourself have come to know what type of guy that was. First of all I had grown angry when I came to know that my father had willingly told the doctor to make fake file related to alzheimer’s disease Of mine. But when I came to know about the true intention of my Papa for doing this I wept bitterly and loved him lot as he is the best Papa in the world. Really our parents are too much for us. No other person of the world can take their place in our life