confession by brother

#male(18) #real_confession_by_brother You have a sister? If yes then I am really jealous of you. I don’t have one. What I want to confess about is the change that a girl(cousin) of 5 brought in me! Since the day I broke up with my first gf(because of other boys) ,

I love you tommy

Hi brothers and sisters… I used to read many confessions in this official page daily. And everyone used to post their personal, feelings sadness and sometimes to get some ideas from yu.. But I m not here to tell abt my parents,friends,or my boyfriend and anyone else. Actually I even

Really I Love him – True love story

शायद मैं ही बेवकूफ थी जो उनके प्यार को पहले ना समझ पाई।और आज तक पछता रही हुँ। कभी कभी मुझे यह घटना याद आती है।तो मेरा सिर श॔म से झुक जाता है।वह बहुत अच्छे थे जो उन्होंने मेरी इस बेवकूफी को भी माफ कर दिया। शायद वो मुझे अपनी