Single misunderstanding can break friendship

It’s me and my friend jiya’s (Changed Name ) story. My name is Sonia (Changed Name ). We were best friends and we are staying at hostel doing MBA. We were sharing same room. We talked a lot and spent time together. My friend jiya had habbit to sleep late

Love or Money – Painful love story

This is my true and painful love story. My name is Deepak and I’m going to marry with the beautiful girl living in Chamba. The girl’s name is Deepa. My family met to her family. The relation was all most confirmed. They liked my profile and we liked her. We

love changes with money – heart touching story

My name is Rahul (changed Name ). I was working as software engineer in a multinational IT Company. This is my true story. I was very happy that my family searched a good and very beautiful girl for me. Her name is riyan (Changed Name ). Riya is very beautiful

First love – painful story

I am Raveen (Changed Name). I am from Jalandhar. I want to share my love story which is too terrible. I was doing M.B.A at that time. I had too much craze for using facebook. One day I made my bio data on metrimonial website & sent to those girls

Inspiring Quotes

Little things make a big difference. Nothing is gained without risks. Wit hits harder than a blow. It is best to do your worth yourself. Greed and desire take you away from true service. There’s no right way to do wrong thing. Integration comes from understanding one another. Happiness is