Canada marriage – English story

My name is…. I am 28 years old. I live in a village near Kapurthala. Three years ago my marriage took place with a boy who had come from Canada. Somebody suggested my family that boy for my marriage. The boy was quite handsome. He was the single child of

Cheat by Girl friend – true sad love story

My name is k**** I am in love with a girl who is in my class. I study in a college. She looked me very innocent. One day, I proposed her for friendship. After some hesitation, she accepted my proposal. I started talking with her on phone daily. My intimacy

real confession by student – English Story

My name is…….. I am the student of in a college. I love my teacher. I always wait for her lecture. I like the way, she expresses the things. I am the brilliant student of my class and my teacher talks most pleasantly with me. I have deep respect

BETRAY By Husband

My name is R***** . I am 30 years old. My marriage took place three years ago. After marriage I came to know that my husband is not physical fit. He was suffering from some disease and was on estroid. He is now a software engineer.  Although his income is