Honesty is the best policy

Our parents from childhood teach us not to be dishonest to anyone. Honesty is the best policy. Then why today people keep doing such dishonest tasks to everyone. Today from politics to the basic family dishonesty is seen everywhere. People do not support anyone in trouble. I realized this thing

maa baap ka laad raha nuksaandayak

ये तो सच है कि माँ बाप अपने बच्चों पर जान छिड़कते है। और ये ज्यादा घरों में तब देखा जाता है अगर बच्चा इकलौता हो। उस बच्चे की हर जायज़ नाजायज़ खुआहिशें माँ बाप किसी भी तरह पूरी करते है। इस बात का परिणाम मैं आज झेल रहा हूँ।

Worst days of my life

College life is one of the best life for every youngster. All the youngsters want to enjoy the college life. It is the unique and unusual experience which must be experienced by everyone. People become more social after joining the college but most of the mistakes are done in college

Mom, I Love U..

Parents are gifted by the god for each and every child. But sometimes children forget the importance and value of parents in the life. When I was small I was very restricted by my mother. She used to scold me at every steps of my life. She even kept noticing

Made For Each other

My name is shalini rathi (Changed name ) . I am from Rajasthan. I had a happy family. My father always dreamed of making me an officer in forest department. He got me admitted in a good school for providing me the best education. He spent too much money on