I lost all my memory

Many times the faces of life are so typical and horrible that you can never expect to see. The same thing I experienced in my life. One day I went to college and was wondering with friends in the college campus during break. Suddenly a college boy was attacked with

Honesty is the best policy

Our parents from childhood teach us not to be dishonest to anyone. Honesty is the best policy. Then why today people keep doing such dishonest tasks to everyone. Today from politics to the basic family dishonesty is seen everywhere. People do not support anyone in trouble. I realized this thing

maa baap ka laad raha nuksaandayak

ये तो सच है कि माँ बाप अपने बच्चों पर जान छिड़कते है। और ये ज्यादा घरों में तब देखा जाता है अगर बच्चा इकलौता हो। उस बच्चे की हर जायज़ नाजायज़ खुआहिशें माँ बाप किसी भी तरह पूरी करते है। इस बात का परिणाम मैं आज झेल रहा हूँ।

Ego problems in husband

Husband-Wife is the two wheels which move simultaneously together. If one of the wheel stops working the other will also stop. So coordination is very important in the married life. The era in which we are living girls are also becoming independent and they love to live independent now a