Sin by house wife – inspired by real story

My name is Anaya.(changed name) I am from Himachal only two years have passed to my marriage. I have a baby (boy) also. My husband is an engineer and often go on long tours for work. We have single family as my mother-in-law and father-in-law who is well settled in

relation with friends sister

My name is Anuraag (Changed Name ). I am from Jhansi. I am doing B.Tech now. I have a friend whose name is Rajan. He lives near by my house. We both are childhood friends. We have family relations also. He shares everything linked to his life with me and

Infidelity – There is no true love on earth

My name is simrandeep kaur (Changed Name ) . I am 28 years old I had love affair with a boy who was my class mate. He himself had proposed me for the friendship. He was mad after me and was ready to do anything for me. Our friendship continued

Made For Each other

My name is shalini rathi (Changed name ) . I am from Rajasthan. I had a happy family. My father always dreamed of making me an officer in forest department. He got me admitted in a good school for providing me the best education. He spent too much money on