Real Love again – True Love Twice Story

My name is chetna (changed Name ). I am from bathinda (Punjab). I want to share the experience of my life by this site. That experience is linked to my college life when I was studying in college. Now I am of thirty years old and I have a baby also who is of four years. At my college , I had friendship with a boy. He too was in my class. Our relationship was very deep. Our friendship continued for five years I had great trust in him. We often called each other on phone after coming home. Even at college, we liked to sit in each other’s company. Everybody in the college had known that we are friends. I used to wear the same coloured suit as was that of his shirt because we used to discuss about our dress on phone a day earlier. Our relationship was very innocent. We often used to fight over the petty things and after that we were in the habit of convincing each other for talking as both of us knew that we can not live without talking to each other more than a day.

As we were intelligent in studies, our class teachers never interfered in our friendship. They had good opinion about us. After doing graduation, he started doing the course of home science for going to America and I started doing bachelor of education. After B.E.D, I did M.A. privately. As I was of marriageable age my parents started finding a suitable guy for me for the marriage. I was still in contact with my boy friend. I used to call him daily and we often met each other in the home of our common friend riya (Changed Name) whose parents were extra modern and they never stopped their daughter for talking to the boys. But my parents were very strict. Once I had discussed about my boy friend with my mother and expressed me desire of marrying him. But she strictly ordered me for leaving that guy and stop thinking about him because of the reputation of the family. My whole family was strictly against the love marriages. Moreover, the boy’s family too was not agreeing for the marriage. So we left everything to God and stopped meeting and calling each other.

After that my parents selected a guy who was doing job in government sector.

I was not able to forget my friend. My parents decided the date of engagement. After my engagement my would be husband started calling me but I had not any interest in him as I was already in affair. I could not do what to do. One day, I got very upset and told about my previous affair to my would be husband. He listened it very carefully and said that he has not nay objection regarding and said that he is happy that I told everything about my life to him. After this I got very near him I started liking talking to him on phone

My attachment grew with him as the time passed. I do not know how my love which was for my boy friend shifted for my would be husband. I started liking and loving him and I was extremely happy on the day of my marriage. At that time I felt that love can happen twice also