real love story

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My name is….. I am going to share the experience related to my life which had deep impact on me. I was of 25 years at that time. I am the only son of my parents. I was working as senior manager in a company. I was in love with a girl who was working in the same company. I had shared with her each and every thing related to my life. She had become very good friend of mine. After some time, my parents started insisting me for marriage as I was the single child of the family, they had desire to see their grand son or grand daughter soon. They had selected a girl for the marriage without asking me anything. That girl was too shy. The date of my engagement and marriage was fixed by my parents. I was not feeling happy as I was already in love with a girl & I had not told her anything about my engagement and marriage. I had discussed the whole matter with my parents & told them that I love a girl who works where I work. But they did not approve that girl because they had already selected the girl with whom they were forcing me to marry. I was in complete confusion. Somehow I convinced myself to work as my parents wishes. I got married. After sometime I came to know that the girl with whom. I was in love was morally not good. she was in contact with other boys also. At that time I thanked God for not getting me married that girl. Now I am living happy & successful married life with my wife. She is a sensible and intelligent lady. I now feel that whatever God does is for the good for someone.

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real love story