My name is……. I am …….. years old. My marriage took place 1 year ago. Before my marriage, I loved a lady. I had extra marital relations with her she is a married lady & we work at the same place. As I was of marriageable age, my parents repeatedly stressed for getting married. I got married. But I did n’t tell anything about my marriage to her. No body knows anything about my marriage, as I had n’t invited anybody on the day of my marriage. She did never wanted that I should get marry. Few days back, she came to know about my marriage she abused me for cheating her. She again wants me to develop physically relations, she would tell about the whole matter to my wife and my family. I am in complete confusion. I want to devote myself fully to my wife & family. What should I do. Should I do what she wants or I should adopt some another way.

Posted By : Rajni