Romance on High Way

My name is Sushant (Changed name ) . I am from Bihar. I am doing job in a bank. I am of twenty eight years old. I am unmarried. There is a girl doing job in the same bank where I am doing but she is married. Her marriage took place six months back. She has joined the bank recently with in few days she became my friend after joining the job. As she was very beautiful and I too started showing interest in her and it did not matter much for me if she is married. I discussed many things related to my life with her.

She came very close to me and she too started discussing the matters related to her married life. From her talks, I came to know that she does not like her husband because he does not pay attention to her and is in affair with some other lady. She told me that her husband had told her before marriage that she does not drink wine but after marriage. She came to know that he is drunkard. She told me that her understanding level can never match with his husband. So, with the passage of time, she became very good friend of mine. One day, we planned for going on the dinner. She told her husband on phone that she would come late at night because there was is some pending work in the bank.

So, went out on my bike. When she was sitting on my bike, she was too close to me. She kissed me on my neck. I became extremely happy and nervous I even lost my control over the bike and was about to fall on the read because it was happening to her for the first time. We reached in the luxurious restaurant of our area. We took dinner over there and had much fun. Now it was 9:00 P.M. and we planned for going back to our homes. I drove my bike fast son that I could make her to reach early in her home. After going at some distance, I saw a policeman. He stopped my bike and started enquiring about us. We told him that we are husband wife and going back to the home. He asked us for the reason of coming on that road. He was asking both of us. That girl told him that we had come here to attend the marriage where as I had told him earlier that we came here for dinner in the restaurant. We were feeling very nervous as policeman was behaving very rudely with us. he wanted to have the evidence by which we could prove that we are husband wife.

So he asked me to give him the number of my father so that he could call him on that place. Actually she had doubt that we are not husband wife and we were just enjoying over there. We requested him again and again for leaving us so that we could reach home early. Now my friend’s husband too started calling her but she did not pick up his phone as she was getting very nervous. Some how we got rid of him by paying him three thousand rupees. It was 10:00 P.M. at that time and I was with the lady when was married I too was feeling afraid. Some how I helped her for reaching in her home safely and I too went back to my home. She called me after reaching her home and told that everything is well. I had that everything is well. I had a sign of relief and thanked God for saving me and her.