Romance on road – love feelings of girl

My name is sakshi (Changed Name ) .I am daily visitor of this site and i think is doing a great job . Thanks . Here i am sharing my Road romance story with you , I am of Sixteen years old , ya sweet sixteen and studying in Eleventh class in a school in phagwara. My school is in a village and far away from the city from main road it is two miles away. We cover that distance by local bus. But that has fixed timing and each bus comes after 3 hours. So if we miss bus by just five minutes, then we are supposed to wait for full three hours to reach school. My parents want me to change the school but I do not want to change it although it is very difficult to reach there because I have very nice friend circle. Whenever we miss the bus by few minutes, then we do not wait for the next bus and start going toward our school by doing various types of mischief’s. Every guy in our friend circle is in love each other and we do romance on the road and enjoy doing it.

My boy friends name is rahul (Changed Name). He is very smart and we have deep understanding with each other. As our school is far away from our residence and no body can recognize us we make full use of this thing and do not feel worried that any body from this area could tell about us to our parents. Really this is that phase of my life in which I am enjoying the most and I sometime feel myself lucky for having boy friend like rahul sometimes it happens that we bunk from school after attending three periods and then asks for lift from the passer by having car and go to watch movie with our friends. Our teachers too know about it but they never object to it because they know that me and rahul are deeply attached to each other. In my further life even I do not want to leave my friend circle and boy friend like rahul as I know that no body on this earth could take his place in my heart.

I often read the stories which people send on this site and spend happy time and this time I am feeling that other people too would feel happy after reading my story as they would also be able to recall their memories of their school when they were students through this story.