Sacrifice in love – end of true love story

My name is Vidya (Changed name ) . I am from himachal Pradesh. I am twenty four years old. When I was in Graduation, I was in love with a guy. He was too much loving, caring, attentive and had all the qualities which on expect from his or her beloved. We kept in contact with each other for four years. Really, in those days, I did not think about any other guy except him. He was everything me. I was not able to leave him at many costs. After completing graduation, I started doing post graduation and he is get him involved in his family business. He belonged to very rich family and had much property on his credit. Even after leaving college he kept in contact with me. We used to call each other daily. We often went on dates and enjoyed a lot in the company of each other. Really, those days were marvelous for me which I could never remember.

The only problem in that guy was that he was not so bold. He always depended on his parents for taking any of the decision as he was very shy. When my post graduation was over, my parents started finding a suitable match for me. As I was already in love with him, so I did not show any interest to any guy. Which was suggested to me by my parents? One day I told the guy with whom I was in love that I want to marry him. He was extremely happy to know that all. I told him that my parents want to get me marry as early as possible because they are of the view that the girls should be married of at the right age. He discussed about it with his mother as his mother was his best friend. She always understood his feelings and by his mother he conveyed this thing to his father. As his father was of very rude nature, he did not show any interest in this matter and said’, do what you want to do and do not get him involved in these things? Without caring about his father’s feelings, her mother came in our home to meet my family and me so that she meet my family and me so that she could ask for my hand for his son.

My parents were not told anything about it. When they came, they got surprised to know that all. My grandfather and grandmother were willing for this relationship but my parents did not approve it and said that they would never give the hand of their daughter to their son. Really that day was most sorrowful for me. My mother told my friend’s mother to not to come in their home next day. After that my friend never called me and broke all relations with me and told me to obey what my parents want me to do as there is nothing in his hand now. In this way, we sacrificed our love for our parents. But it is my humble request to all parents that they should understand their children’s and gives them the right of choosing their life partner. They should think beyond casteism and narrow mindedness. They should not make hearse a marriage bed as love exists only if our hearts accepts someone.