Shame on me – very shameful story

My name is vivek (Changed Name ) . I am from Bombay. My father is an engineer and mother is a government teacher. My family has good relation with my neighbour’s family. There is a girl whose name is shanya who lives near by my home. I do not have any sort of relationship with her. She is not interested in me. One day an idea came in to my mind and that idea was of spreading rumors about that girl. All of my friends had girl friends but I was single no girl was ready to accept me as boy friend because they always like handsome guys for friendship and to be very frank I am not that much handsome. I told all of my friends that she is my girl friend. Although I was telling lie but I described everything about her as my family had relations with her family and I came to know about her from them. I was in the habit of going in their home even without having any reason. I had told to my friends that she even goes on dates with me and like me too much and can not think about any other person except me. I invented all the matters related to her myself and told my friends and they always took it true and sometime they felt jealously from me. As that girl is extremely beautiful about whom I was making lame stories and telling them just to show off that I too have a beautiful girl friend. My this activity always satisfied my ego in my friends group.

One day I was taking bath in the washroom. That girl came in our home. My sister was with her. As my mobile was new they both had curiosity of seeing my mobile and how does it function. The girl about whom I was showing that she is my girl friend opened what’s up from my mobile and she read all the messages which I had sent to my friends about her. She got too much angry. When I came out of the washroom, she asked me the reason of doing this all. But I had no answer to tell her. From that day, she stopped coming in our home. She told everything about it to her family and my family too came to know about it from my sister. Now both the families do not like to even talk to each other just because of my mistake. My family always had good thinking about me but now their attitude to me has completely changed. They ignore me because of my this very mistake and this thing is eating me continuously from inside sometimes I feel my self as uncivilized and guilty person and feel shame on myself.