Single Again – my true story

My name is vineet (Changed Name ) . I am doing job in a Pharma company. I started loving a girl. She was of marriageable age. Her parents were finding a suitable guy for her. Both of us belonged to the different castes. That is why her parents were not agreeing for her marry with me. More than it she was fifteen years younger to me. She had no problem for marrying me but her parents were coming in the way. One day a guy came in her home to see her far the purpose of marriage. But she was not at all willing for the marriage. She told about it to me on the phone and planned for moving away from here. I too got agreed as. I too desired to marry her. I was without parents and their was only my one younger brother living in the home who was married & they did not have any objection regarding my marriage. I decided of running away with her. Staying out side for a week I brought her in my home. She started living as my wife. I gave her every facility in the home which I could give. I tried to keep her happy every time & fulfilled her every demand. After sometime she started going in her home also as her parents forgave her for her this very step. One day, I was talking to her about the family planning and told her that we too should have a baby. But she did not want to have a baby as she desired to continue her this desire. She started fighting with me because of some petty issues in the home and one day she told me that she does not want to live in relation with me any more. Tears started flowing down from my eyes. She blamed on me that I am impotent she left my home & started living in her own.


She took the whole gold jewelry with her & all the money which I had in the home. She never called me even for a single time after that. I went in to her home for bringing her in the home she charged me by saying that there is too much age gap between us. So our relationship will never be successful. You will never be able to satisfy me emotionally is well as physically. She even blamed me as being impotent. I had never expected this type of behaviour from her. I had thought her to be too innocent but she showed me her real face. Now I could not have any trust on any girl and do not want to marry again. I was single before as there were no parents of mine and although I had a brother but she was fully engaged in his own family. He had nothing to do with me. Became single again after this incident.