Spend Rainy Day with my girl friend

My name is Nitin (Changed Name ) . I am from nainital. I am of 21 years old. I am doing M.tech. I have a girl friend. Whose name is Shanya? She is doing B.tech in the same institution. Where I am studying. One day, our college got off three hours earlier than the usual time. So, I and shanya decided for going on a long drive and would reach home at the usual closing hours of the school. I made her to sit on my bike and we went out for enjoying. The weather was very cool. With in half an hour, we reached at very far place. We were in very happy mood and enjoying fully the weather. After that we sat in a near by park. She opened her lunch box and took lunch over there as we were feeling very hungry.

After taking lunch, we started talking to each other. Shanya kept her head on my shoulder. With in a few moments it started raining. We started enjoying the shower of the rain. We thought that it will stop with in some time. But the rain did not stop and it becomes heavy. We decided of getting back to our places. So I drove my bike fast. But after going at some distance, I noticed that the whole road is filled with water and it became very difficult for us to cross that road. But I did not leave courage and took my bike in the water although it was very deep. After reaching at some distance, unfortunately, my bike stopped working. Still the rain was very heavy. Our all clothes were wet. Shanya was panicked as the time was passing and we were not finding any way ten minutes her mother called her for asking her where she was. She was very confused. Some how I told her to pick up the phone and tell her mother that she is all well and coming back to the home. So she picked up the phone and told her mother that she is coming back to the home and would reach room. But she was continuously thinking how she would get back to the home as we were far away from our residences and it was raining heavily and moreover the roads were filled with water all around. I started praying to God for help. Luckily, I saw an auto passing from that way. I thanked God and asked auto driver for taking us at our homes. But he was not getting ready for that because the path from where we wanted to go was fully overloaded with water. Somehow I convinced that auto driver by paying much more money than the usual fair. But he put one condition that if same money even they did not reach at their destination. After reaching at some distance the water started flowing in to the auto and unluckily it stopped working. Now it was getting dark and shanya’s mother was calling her again and again in phone but shanya was not picking it up because of fear. She was continuously saying why did we plan for going outside in such a weather and was weeping. Me and auto driver pushed the auto for getting it out of the water and then he tried again for starting it. Now the water had started receding and auto too started working. I told the driver to drive fast so that shanya could reach her home before 10 P.M. he drove fast and we reached near shanya’s street. But we did not go near shanya’s home and she went on foot in her home as she did not home want to tell her mother that she was with me. After that I reached my outside the home. She asked me where I was as my phone had stopped working and my link to her was stopped even before going outside the college. I told her injured and he took him in the hospital and with great difficulty he gas reached home because of heavy rain. I made her convinced with much difficulty told me that she too was able to convince her parents by telling lie that she was in her friend’s home whose mother was well and she was helping her friend for taking her in the hospital. She even had taken one of her friend in to confidence for telling lie about it if her parents call her. In this way we got out of this difficult situation and thanked God for saving us.