Meri ek Story- in Hindi

Hello Friends, मेरा नाम Vikram है | ये बात 4 साल पहले की है जब मैं अपने गांव से मुंबई आया था | मैं और मेरा भाई गांव में ही पढ़ते थे | बाकी सब मुंबई में ही रहते थे | मेरे बड़े भाई के एक दोस्त थे | वो

relation with friends sister

My name is Anuraag (Changed Name ). I am from Jhansi. I am doing B.Tech now. I have a friend whose name is Rajan. He lives near by my house. We both are childhood friends. We have family relations also. He shares everything linked to his life with me and

my baby my love – english story

My name is …. I am working woman. I have a daughter who is two years old. My marriage took place four years ago. My marriage took place four years ago. My husband had the problem hallucination. He was an M.B.B.S doctor. He had his own world. There was no