The IMPORTANCE OF VALUES – moral story

Of the many subjects that you study at school Mathematics teaches you about numbers, their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the practical use of this knowledge in our day to day life finally shaping into accountancy.


Geography teaches you about the wonderful world and its formation. History tells you about the people, the great people who have lived through the ages to the present day.


Likewise you study many other subjects like science, language and crafts, etc. they all impart valuable knowledge to you. But of all the subjects Moral Science is the most important.


Moral Science teaches you all about the values and how to practice them in your life. In short, it teaches you about ‘you’ as an individual and how to play your part well in this world.


Moral Science guides you about your behaviour. It makes you aware whether your actions are good or bad or they are in keeping with the law of God which we call the Moral law. Moral Science acts as a guide to lead you to God by the right performance of your duties and makes you aware of the purpose of your life.


Imagine a traveller in a desert! He can’t find his direction easily as there is no landmark except sand dunes which shift place in no time.


There is no one to guide him. A person without the knowledge of Moral Science will be like a traveller in the desert.


Moral Science strengthens one’s beliet in oneself. It helps us to know the voice of our conscience – our inner self which makes us know for sure whether our actions are right or wrong. Once a person comes to have the sense of right or wrong, he becomes closer to God. The right conduct that is to do the right things becomes his way of living. He follows it strictly.


Religion has a set pattern of worship and shows the easiest possible way to reach God. Although the paths of different religions may differ, but Moral  Science teaches the follower to find out what is good in his religion and how to follow it correctly. He learns the truth about God and man. It helps him to perform his duty towards God, Towards others and himself.


Education may enable a person to find a good job, status and comfort in life, but it is the awareness of moral values that will help form a good character and face life with great confidence and faith, Education without Moral Science is incomplete. Therefore, keep in mind that the study of Moral Science is very important for lasting peace and happiness in life. You’ll never feel lost and upset if you know how to live well, to keep yourself and others happy.


Remember, world is like a stage and we are like actors on this stage. So, we must play our role well. Like the famous playwright Shakespeare wrote the following:


“ All the world’s a stage,

And the men and women

Merely players,

Each playing his part.”