This is how I met with my sweet heart

My name is anup (Changed Name ) . I m from roopnagar. I am the only son of my parents and have large property on my credit. I live in joint family. When I was in B.A. final year and studying in a college approximately one Thousand meter away from my village I started liking a girl who was doing diploma in stitching and tailoring near my college. Our route was same. She used to travel in the same bus in which I traveled she was very beautiful. Her name was antarpreet (Changed Name ) . Whenever, I saw her in the bus, I used to loose my control over myself. I had great desire to propose her but had fear that she would reject my proposal. So I did not propose her for six months one day luckily, she sat on the seet near my seat in the bus. That was big opportunity for me to express my feelings to her. So I wanted to make full use of this time. As she sat near me, I said Hello to her. Then I asked her where she goes daily in the bus. She answered that she does the diploma in D.S.T after that I started enquiring about her family.

She too asked me about my family and from her talks it was clear that she too has liking for me. In the last I asked her about her caste with much hesitation she about her caste with much hesitation she told about her caste and most surprisingly her caste was same as mine. That day was the happiest day of my life and I thanked God again and again as my caste matched with that girl became my feelings for her not just limited to the friendship only. Because my family and the village where I live is too much orthodox, I could not marry the girl who was different than my caste so, this time I was lucky as her caste matched with mine. Next day, I ask her for her phone number . she already had reserved one seat for me near her so I sat there. She talked to me whole heartedly. This day, she was not looking so shy as she was appearing the day earlier. She passed me her phone number. I called her just after reaching the college. She talked to me very sweetly. After that I became addicted of her sweet voice. With in few months her diploma and my graduation was over and after that we stopped going to our places. Now over conversation continued only by phone.

One day, she told me that her parents want to marry her as early as possible. As I did not want to loose her. So I talked about her to my Mom and showed her Antar’s photo. She at once got ready for accepting her as her daughter – in – Law. But the problem was of my father as he had not believed in love marriages. Some how my mother engaged a mediator who talked to the girl’s family. Antar’s family too agreed because my family was affluent and then that mediator talked about it to my father. By luck or chance my father too approved this relationship and now Antarpreet’s my would be wife I am going to marry her with in two months. I feel myself lucky as I got what I wanted from God.