True and read Love Story

My name is Ishika (Changed Name) . This is my real love story. I was living in small village and studying in a college. Near to my college there was some other college of Boys. One day I was coming back to my home. I met a some guy named shubham. His home was near to my village. Our way was same but we never talked  to each other. Neither he talked  to me, nor did I. He looked so good and well mannered guy. We were neighbor and his mother used to come my home. We had family relations each other. He also took  my mother as his mother. He talked to everyone at my home but did not talk to me.

One day I was coming from college, it was raining and it got difficult for me to go home in too much raining, but I had umbrella with me so took  it and was going to home. In my way, I saw some boys were following me, I was full of fear. I started running, but in the mud, I fell down. At the same time I saw Shubham (Changed Name ) , I took a sigh of relief and went towards shubham. Shubham fought  with all that boys and saved me from them.  I was looking at shubham and my eyes were full of tears. We reached at home and my mother asked me where we were?

Shubham answered:-Aunty today was our seminar so we got late

My mother told “Ok you both sit; I have made a delicious food for you. My mother went to kitchen to bring a food for us.

. I hugged shubham and started crying. Shubham told me to forget and everything is fine ok.

He said: – Let’s go and take food.

I replied: – Ok, yeah.

We all were eating food. I went to my room for sleeping. I was thinking about shubham i was feeling that I have fallen in love with him

Nextday I went to  his home, met aunty –uncle.

I asked for shubham, Aunty told me  he is getting  ready for college.

Aunty asked me how I came at her home today morning.

I answered: – Nothing aunty g. I came to take some assignment from shubham i was just making excuses as I had  come to meet shubham only.

Aunty told me:- Your college time is same so you can also go with shubham. You will have company”.

I smiled and started hiding my feelings.

 I said: – No aunty, I will go, I came to take assignment only.

aunty told:- Ok, take care

I went from there and stooped at some place in the way and waiting for shubham. When shubham came.

He asked: – “what are you doing here?

I replied: – Your wait and smiled.

Shubham answered: – Please ishika take care of your studies. Go to college and then come to home directly. Ok. Do not wait for anyone.

I said: – Not for anyone, But yeah I will wait for you always.

He went from there.

One day at home my mother was telling me about some guy for marriage purpose but I told my mother. I do not want to marry now.

My mother said: – he is a good guy

At least meet him once.

I told: – No.

I said in my heart “I’m in love with Shubham and want to marry with him only”

I went to meet shubham at night 1 o’clock.

Shubham: – He was shocked and told me what you are doing here?

Go to your home.

I told:-I will not go, firstly you answer me

Shubham: – Answer for what?

I said: – Will you marry me?

Shubham: – What are you saying?

I said: – Answer in yes or no? I will go from here, whatever your answer will be?

Shubham:- I love you too.

I smiled.

Shubham said: – Now you go to your home, we will talk to our family tomorrow.

I said: – ok. I was happy.

Next day we talked to our mom-dad.

Our Parents got agree with this relation. I got married with shubham

I got my love so I’m very happy.

I and Shubham are happily living together.