True Love is Beautiful

This is the story of College Guys who were doing MBBS from the GoodMedicalCollege. The name of the guys were Meena, Riya and Sachin (Changed Names ).  They all were in same batch and in same class. Sachin , Meena and Riya were friends. Riya had liking for Sachin but her friends don’t know this and she also never showed to anyone.

One day a girl came to Riya and told: – Do you like Sachin? I always read your face expressions.

Riya answered: – No.

She said:- Don’t lie.

Riya said: – Yeah I like Sachin but I cannot get him.

Where he is? And where I’am? (there is lot of difference between he and me)

The other girl said: – then what? Everything is fair in love and war.

Riya said: – You like Ranveer kapoor

She said: – Yeah. I like him very much.

Riya replied:– Can you get him?

She said:- Are you mad.

Riya said:- Same in my case.

As Riya was not beautiful girl so she thinks that Sachin cannot like her.

One day Meena brings movie tickets.

Sachin asked: – Where is riya’s ticket.

Meena said: – what she will do there. We both will go.

Sachin:– Ok Meena. Please wait. Its late I have to drop Riya to her home.

Meena said: – she will go

Sachin told: – She is our friend. Please wait. I will be back.

He went to Riya and told: – I will drop you.

Riya said: – I will take auto. You go with Meena.

He said: – Don’t argue with me. I will drop you.

He dropped her and came to Meena for the movie. They both were watching movie and in between he came outside the theater and started talking to Riya.

Movie was finished and he called Meena to come to talk.

Meena told Riya: – Sachin called me to say something.

Riya said:- Wow! Go. He will propose you today.

Meena smiled and went to Sachin.

Sachin told her: – Meena I like Riya.

She said:- What that ugly girl?

Sachin:– Please mind your language. Don’t forget she is your friend also.

She just moved from there.

Sachin came to Riya and Riya told? Why Meena seems angry with you?

He said: – Because I’m in love.

 Riya: – It’s good that you are in love.

Sachin said: – I’m in love but not with her.

Riya replied: – Then with whom?

He said: – I love you..

Riya Said: – Please Sachin don’t crack jokes.

Everybody insults me because I am not good looking and beautiful girl but they all are not my friends. So I don’t care but you are my friend. It will hurt me. You go now. I don’t want to talk.

Sachin told: – I really love. I am always happy when I spend time with you. And when you were not with me then I think about you. I want to talk with you at phone. And I always want to share my problem, my happiness and all activities with you.

Love is beautiful and my love is you so you are beautiful for me.

She has tears in her eyes.

Sachin told:-Don’t cry otherwise I will be too.

Please don’t say no to me.

She replied: – I like you too.