True love story – Girls Love Story

My name is Manant (Changed Name ) . I am from karela. I am doing P.H.D in Jwahar Lal Nehru University, Delhi. My father is an engineer in Bhutan and mother is a house wife. I have one sister and one brother. I am living in university’s hostel. I am in love with a guy who is studying in the same university and is doing the research in the same subject in the same university and is doing the research in the same subject although our fields are different I am in love with him since my graduation. He is very loving, caring and intelligent. He likes me took much. He can never think me of leaving me at any cost. He often says me that I am his first and last love. We even want to spend the whole life with each other by marriage.

We often spend a lot of time in each other’s company. We always help each other in research works his parents too are very nice and co-operative. I have talked to his sister and mother. They love me very much as Akash (my boy friend about whom I am telling you) has told everything about me in his family. Whenever he goes in his home at week ends, his mother always prepare some special dish for me and send it by akash. They love me as their own daughter. I too have too much regard and love for his mother, father and sister. He is the only son of his parents and his parents love him a lot.

But the problem is that the complexion of Akash is not fair and I have very fair complexion. My friends (girls) always suggest me for leaving Akash as they think that akash is not handsome enough for becoming your life partner. Moreover they say me that I belong to very high and reputed family and his family is not as rich as mine.

But I always tell them that love does not lie in any body’s complexion and facial features. It is just a feeling which depends on your trust in the guy with whom you are involved I do not have any problem if akash’s colour is not fair and if he is not so rich. Then why do the people always annoy me by saying these types of things.

My feelings for Akash are true and I can not accept any guy as my husband although how smart he might be. Now my research would be over and I would discuss about getting married with Akash. I hope that my parents would allow me to get marry with Akash. Akash has already told everything about his parents and his parents know that he wants to marry me and they do not have any problem in it.

By this story, I just want to tell the people that love does not lie in any body’s facial expressions or complexion rather it lies in one’s spiritual attachment with the guy to whom we love.