Value of Self Confidence

This is the story of girl named Garima ( Changed Name ) . Who was studying in MBA. She did BSC in math’s and was doing MBA. She had self confidence and could do all work on her own basis. She was always positive in attitude and searched happiness in small things.  One day there is seniors came to her class to tell about the NCC camp. She had joined it. Some of her friends told that it is difficult to work there; there are very hard and tough rules. But she told: – Tough but not impossible. She had bright and shining smile in her face.

She and her friends got agreed to join the camp. The name is Seema (Changed name )  did not agree to go there and was opposing Garima. What’s there? I’m not interested in that and we will not go there.  It will include weekend and will destroy our enjoyment. The tough work I cant do so will not go there.

Garima said: – Ok Seema! You enjoy well and Take care. Only those classmates will go who are interested in it and it’s not necessary to all.

All went there and they had all lists of luggage with them. on reaching the place they were searching for a collie. They waited for 10 minutes and Garima picked all luggages of her and her friends and moved ahead.

Her friends told: – Where you are going with this luggage?

Garima said: – on our destination. Let’s Go!

All were looking at her and picking their luggage individually and became active towards their destination.

They reached their point of disembarkation and gave their attendance. They were given different tasks to do. Garima was doing well in all but she was week in one task only. Her trainer trained Garima in that also. Garima and her friends were enjoying the moments spending in NCC camp. They captured many memories there. The all were saying it is really good to come here as there are many things to learn in NCC. Garima told: – Lets see further, we will enjoy more. All said yeah.

All were happy with the camp. Now the day came when there was last day in the camp. All were coming back to the college. They reached their hostel and in hostel they came to know one of their batch mate who was admitted  in the hospital. Garima and her friends went to hospital to see her. The girl was seema. She had met with an under accident and doctors were asking for the blood. Garima was told get her blood check. Garima’s blood was matched to her and she never asked to anyone for her family that she should give the blood or not but she gave it to save Seema. After donating blood, Doctors said to wait for some time seema will be fine very soon.

In this Garima did many noble causes and win everybody’s heart her professors, her friends, her classmates and her family. She was very helping, down to earth and cooperative girl. Due to her performance in academic and in all activities she was awarded with Gold medal and her professors appreciation. She kept the record of winning gold medal as her father was also appreciated by the gold medal from the president of India.