Wait for Lady love




I was in a relationship with a girl from past 2 years , I love her  alot more than my life I can do anything for her, I Belong to a Sikh family and she belongs to Hindu family. Girl is very innocent and cute ,she loved me the same way I do. But when her family got to know about our relation ,they got annoyed ,they are not ready to let her marry inter caste and forcefully started looking  boys for her Marriage, and they engaged the girl with the boy of their own caste few days ago , I was shocked to know about the news ,seriously I was very sad annoyed and depressed ,I tried so many times but they didn’t agreed. she managed to meet me after all those things also. But after her engagement she meet once only and She pretended that she is happy with family’s decision but I know she is actually not happy. Her presence for just 15 minutes use to make  me glad but now I am dying for her ,its been 1 month I haven’t even seen her, she changed her number, her facebook account is not workin g now I even started smoking due to depressing conditions ,its not tolerable ,really very painful I cannot see her with another guy .I am on my Knees , I don’t know why those guy don’t understand my love. God is also merciless these days …I am broken, hurted

And I don’t know what I am gonna do with myself …I am stressed …I have no way out

How I will live without you baby.  Please do something if you can… try to meet me once