wisdom- natural sense

God has bestowed a part of his wisdom to all the creatures. He has made his creation. He has made his creation self – sufficient. He has given them the power to look after themselves and survive in this universe. Each creature has the basic instinct to feed himself and find a shelter. No wonder that each creature acts only as far as he needs to act for his survival.

Imagine a little bird building a nest in a tree! How cleverly he places the things one upon the other for making a cosy nest for himself and his – fledglings! It is little wonder that each bird builds a different type of nest as per its natural ability and need.

Some of them appear to be works of art. People collect them and decorate their homes with them . look at the different nests.

Who taught the little birds this craft? No one else, but God himself. He gave them the sense of humin. The little bird sings and calls her young ones when they hatch. The mother bird feeds the little ones with grains. As per the natural need the birds peck at fruits or pick up grains to feed themselves.

Look at the fish. They have no hands and feet. They have no hands and feet. They can live in water. They feed on small fish and water insects. Again, it is God who ordained them to swim in water and gave them such bodies and needs that they cannot live on land.

God is really great. He gave the lion unmatched strength. He made him the strongest beast. Only flesh could make his food and nothing else.

On the contrary, a horse which has great strength feeds only on grass and grain and cannot eat flesh. Who taught these animals to eat a specific type of food? It is God who taught them to do so. He created milch cattle. A cow yields milk which is very wholesome? Who made cow’s milk so sweet and wholesome? No one else, but God himself! God has given a sense of faith- fullness to dogs, who act like a night sentinel outside the door- way of their master’s house. And at times they are ready to lay down their own life for the sake of their master.

God has created different creatures with different nature and has given them a different level of intelligense and common sense. Though it cannot match that of man’s intellect, but surely it does show in their living on man’s earth. So much so that human beings are best described by a comaprison to an animal, e.g. as busy as a bee, as cunning as a fox or as wise as an owl.

Little bees build a honeycomb, which has regular cells in it. Who taught the bee to build a honeycomb and collect nectar from flowers? Who gave it wisdom to deposit honey into the small cells of its comb? The bee does not tell you all about the magic. It is God who taught it to do so.
In fact God has given a particular shape and size to different species of animal world. The structure of each creature gives it instinctive knowledge about how to fend for itself. This instinctive knowledge is the wisdom that God has gifted them with. God has given some basic instincts to each of them. This indeed is a God’s blessing.

Some of the birds and animals can teach a lesson or two to the human beings. An ant is always seen carrying bits of gains to the anthil. It stores food for the rainy day. It does not waste time but prepares itself best for the approaching difficulty. Nature has bestowed this sense to the ants that much food won’t come their way during wet days, so they o about in meeting the challenge.

We can also learn that the time to prepare for any emergency or the life’s needs is now and only now. Postponement of action may land you in trouble. A student who does not study hard during the whole year will have to face failure or bad performance at the end. A wise student will plan much in advance the way to a glorious success and work as per that schedule.

Look at the behavior of a fox. Who does not know the story of ‘ A stork and the Fox’ or ‘ the Fox and the Lion’? you must have read these stories in your primary classes.

From the behavior of the fox learn to be careful of wily people. How smoothly they manage to hoodwink the people around them for their own benefit! We learn to be beware of such crooked minds, who may harm us. Thus animal kingdom is graced by God to benefit human beings in their own humble way. We need eyes to recognize their merit and thank God for his wonderful creation of animal kingdom.